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Terms Of Service


  1. The subject of the present Agreement is cooperation in the field of tourism. The SENDING PARTY shall send tourist - groups as well as individuals to Indonesia on the basis of mutual benefit and friendship and the RECEIVING PARTY undertakes the reception of the tourists according to the general terms and conditions agreed between the both Parties
  2. The Programs of visits, tour prices, time schedule of the tourists arrival shall be as specified in the Annexes or as fixed in written notices, which shall be deemed integral part of the present agreement.
  3. All extra services not mentioned on the agreed program and has been agreed on by both parties, shall be paid by the tourists in location


  1. The RECEIVING PARTY shall provide rates for hotels and any other available and possible services that the SENDING PARTY would ask for.
  2. Any services that were agreed on and paid for by the SENDING PARTY, the RECEIVING PARTY should provide in full and with adequate quality.
  3. The RECEIVING PARTY will send an invoice for all the services been requested by the SENDING PARTY. And the SENDING PARTY must transfer the amount to the bank account of the RECEIVING PARTY before the arrival of the clients.
  4. The RECEIVING PARTY with all its partners (hotels, transportations companies, guides, restaurant etc.) is responsible for the safety of the clients on the route.
  5. The RECEIVING PARTY is not responsible for losses or accidental expenses due to delays or changes in schedules, sickness, weather, strike or other causes. All such losses and expenses will have to be borne by the passenger.
  6. For the clients protection, the RECEIVING PARTY demands that the clients must have adequate insurance to cover for any accidents as well as medical treatments in Indonesia.
  7. The RECEIVING PARTY will issue an invitation document for visa purposes. This document should only be used by the clients that paid for the services that would be provided, and to be admitted only to the Embassy of Indonesia in Russia or CIS countries.
  8. In case the Embassy of Indonesia will refuse to issue the necessary visa to the clients for any reason except the RECEIVING PARTY’S mistake for not providing the necessary documents, the RECEIVING PARTY has no responsibility. In this case, the RECEIVING PARTY will transfer the money of the paid services back to the bank account of the SENDING PARTY, and the SENDING PARTY will be charged for all the expenses of the bank commissions.
  9. The SENDING PARTY is responsible for informing about all the necessary data concerning the arriving tourists and the term of their arrival.
  10. The RECEIVING PARTY is responsible to provide the coming tourists with all the reserved and prepaid services only.
  11. Both parties will be free from the responsibility for the partial or full non-fulfillment of the present Agreement in case it was caused by force major circumstances or other extraordinary circumstances, which may take place after signing of the present Agreement and which both parties could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures. Force-major circumstances are considered to be: flood, fire, earthquake, other nature circumstances, as well as wars, military actions, strikes, acts and state decisions


  1. The present Agreement shall come into force from the date it is signed by both parties and will be valid for the period of twelve months.
  2. This Agreement is prolonged automatically for the next twelve months, if the Parties don’t have any objections.
  3. Once this Agreement comes into force, it cancels all the previous Agreement or Agreements that were between the above mentioned two parties.
  4. The Agreement can be cancelled only after solving all the financial claims.


If Agreement about any disputes is not solved by mutual concern by both parties, the matter will be referred to juridical bodies of the defendant


  1. In case a cancellation of the bookings for tourists will be requested, the SENDING PARTY will inform the RECEIVING PARTY accordingly and immediately.
  2. Cancellation penalty will refer to the  following time notice given by the SENDING PARTY:
    1. days prior to the date of guest arrival: No cancellation fee will be imposed.
    2. 14 – 7 days prior to the date of guest arrival: one night cancellation fee.
    3. Less than 3 days and no show: will be fully charged (100%).
    4. During high & peak seasons the cancellation policy varies from the abovementioned conditions & is discussed separately.
  3. In case of a cancellation without any penalties, the RECEIVING PARTY will transfer the money of the paid service back to the bank account of the SENDING PARTY and the SENDING PARTY will be charged for all the expenses of the bank commissions.


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